Jeep YJ Dash Replacement Cost

Jeep YJ Dash Replacement Cost

Most of the time, we see people using a broken or damaged dash panel in their Jeep YJ. And the common problem, they are facing air vent and duct panel issues due to that. All because people aren’t aware of the Jeep YJ dash replacement cost there.

So how much does Jeep YJ Dash replacement cost? Well, for a high-profile dash panel, you need to spend around $700. That would last so long that you’ll hardly have to think about any maintenance. There are cheaper options as well. Starting from $250, you can get a good dash panel. But you need to check them frequently.

Moreover, a proper replacement procedure would save many parts from getting damaged. You’re saving much here. Let’s know more about it in brief.

Latest Jeep YJ Dash Replacement Cost

Price hikes have impacted everything in the market. And that goes on to have a drastic impact on the Jeep Yj dash. Because the one that was around $200 before has become around $230 now. Not only that, the service and other costs have climbed much higher.

In that case, better if you change the damaged dashboard only. That’d minimize a good amount of cost. Also, you wouldn’t need extra factory heaters or duct components. You can deploy them with the system later on.

All you have to do is to install the dash completely and wire them up properly. It would cost you around $250-$700, depending upon the model and all. Do replace the plastic duct and the panels cluttering your dashboard. You can choose the panel by your preferences:

Panel NameTypePrice
1. Center PanelAngled Style$100
2. Steering Column PanelAngled Style$75
3. Glove BoxAngled Style$130
4. Center PanelFlat Style$75
5. Steering Column PanelFlat Style$75
6. Glove BoxFlat Style$130

For your convenience, we are putting some of our recommended Jeep YJ Dash Panel in the section. It would surely make your pick more convenient as they are tested, assured, and perfectly reviewed by us.

PartsPrice (Approximately)
1. Tuffy 036-01 Secure Glove Box (Black)$230
2. Coverking Custom Fit Carpet Dash Cover$50
3. Crown Automotive Center Dash Gauge Panel$30
4. Smittybilt 812101 Vaulted Box (Black)$90
5. Kentrol 30519 Polished Stainless Steel Dash Overlay$70
6. Rugged Ridge 13309.02 Inclinometer$30

Do keep additional costs in your budget for that. You might need it for taxes, service charges, and other miscellaneous. Taxes might not be included here, but better keep it safe for a cost you might need.

When Is the Right Time to Change Your Jeep YJ Dash?

Just like most other parts in the Jeep Wrangler, the dash panel replacement also depends on its uses. It’s up to you how you’re going to use or preserve it in your usage. So, depending on your personalization, the durability of the panel, and your usage, the panel will vary its lifespan there.

Now, let’s see when is the right time to change your Jeep YJ dash panel. Some common defects or sign of changing the panel is as follows:

Blown Dashboard Fuse

You’ll see the lights on your dashboard not working. And that’s exactly when you realize that the fuse of your dashboard is gone for good. This happens due to the age of the panel.

As time goes on, the fuse gets more and more pressure from the electrical connections it bounds. Then, it goes on a blow when it can no longer hold the limit. No fixations are there, just replace it.

Backlight Not Working

This is a common happening in most cases because your Jeep would want a modification of its panel after a certain time. Now we can’t tell the time because there isn’t any certainty of it. So, your usage and observation will tell that.

Broken Gauge

Any issue with the gauge, the fault goes to the panel. As a whole unit, the dash panel is responsible for all kinds of gauge functioning. So, you can understand the significance of the panel here for the gauge.

How to Install a New Jeep YJ Dash

Now coming to the main point of installation. It is simple. You won’t have to scroll much from now because the procedure is simple and easy. Just, have your concentration here and nail the work properly.

We’ll be showing you some steps. It will clear your whole perception.

Step 1: First, remove the battery cable. You can do that with a  socket wrench. All you can do is loosen up the cables with the tools, then you can detach the battery on your own.

Step 2: Now, the screws of the dashboard. As per the size of the screws, take the perfect screwdriver and start to loosen the dashboard carefully. You’ll find two screws below the steering wheel and three under the cluster. Oh, don’t forget the eight screws that are attached to the widescreen above.

Step 3: As you are done with detaching the dash, now it’s time to pull the board out. You need to be strong there because the dashboard will be attached hard over there. The panel rests over the left steering panel and over the steering wheel. So, get the best pulling power before you are on the mission.

Step 4: The whole dash panel is out now. You’re just away from placing a new one in the initial place. Don’t forget to screw the dash panels tightly as it was before you unscrewed them.

Why Would You Change Your Jeep YJ Dash Panel?

All these explanations and learnings, for what? You can use your broken dash panel for a long time, but you shouldn’t. Why? As per using the broken dash panel for a long time, our observation goes as such:

  • The space is needed for a good air passage. So, any restriction or error of the panel refrains the panel from functioning properly.
  • Personalization is a great thing to consider for your vehicle. And, the dash panel does represent a drastic change in the inside of the vehicle.
  • You can use a wide and upgraded dash panel to keep a lot of things on it. It would be a great platform for decoration.
  • Many regulating switches or objects can be rested on the panel.


Check out these frequently asked questions to have more insights about your Jeep YJ Dash replacement cost.

Does the Jeep YJ panel stay long in a snowy environment?

Undoubtedly, the vehicle along with the panel functions well in cold or snowy conditions. No sign of joint loss or detachment is observed from the panel.

Can you get a replaced dash plate that stays under the panel?

You can get the dash plates from different stores or mechanic shops out there. But, they are complicated to install. So it’s better to do the installation by the mechanics.

What do you need to install the dash panel?

Just a screwdriver, proper pulling power, and some extra screws (in case of the default one break). Implementing them as needed, you can easily replace the dash panel.

Final Words

Replacing your Jeep dash panel won’t be any difficult now. Also, the Jeep YJ dash replacement cost won’t bother you anymore as you already know how and what to do with the additional panel.

Just make sure you are getting the preferable one for your SUV. Don’t underestimate the quality here. Also, don’t overuse the panel once it breaks. This won’t bring you anything but misfortune here.

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