Jeep Key Stuck In Ignition

Jeep Key Stuck In Ignition What To Do? (A Complete Guide)

Frequently common problem car owners face is the Jeep key getting stuck in the ignition. The problem can be very frustrating because the owner might need the car for emergency purposes.

So, the Jeep key stuck in the ignition, what to do? There are various reasons behind this very problem. However, not setting the parking gear is the most common case regarding this issue. Repeating such mistakes may hamper a car’s health slowly.

However, there are many other reasons behind your Jeep key getting stuck in the ignition. Fortunately, there is a solution to most of them. Walk with us to understand what may cause ignition-key lock problems and how to fix them!

5 Common Reasons Why Jeep Key Gets Stuck In Ignition: What To Do?

Ignition lock issues can be led by various reasons, including internal car issues. However, mostly the problem is led by how the owner treats the car. So, here are some factors you must be careful about when you own a Jeep:

1. Steering Lock

The steering wheel lock gets activated when you are switching off your car whilst moving the steering. Alongside freezing the steering wheel lock, it will also get your car key stuck in the ignition.

Thus, the function ignition cylinder turns off when the steering wheel is locked, which is why this problem always occurs. And repeating this problem may lead to severe ignition problems within the car. So it is important to be cautious about it.


You can remove the key from the ignition by turning the wheel counterclockwise, which will release the lock. The second method you may try is to jiggle it with your right hand while simultaneously pressing down with your left index finger on the key cylinder.

The first method is highly recommended. For the second method, there is a slight risk of a broken key.

2. Low or Dead Battery

The battery of the car provides the power needed by the ignition system of the car. When the battery is critically low or dead, the ignition system will stop working and as a result, the Jeep key will get stuck.


Maintaining proper battery health is important for this reason. On the other hand, the owner/driver needs to keep an eye on the battery’s health from time to time. If the battery dies, there is no simple way to get the key out of the ignition.

So, to maintain the proper health of the vehicle, it is advised to change the battery when your current battery is worn out.

3. Ignition Cylinder Wreckage

The main cause behind cylinder wreckage is temperature issues, damaged ignition, and worn-out springs within the ignition system. Therefore, it is always important to keep an eye if the car is overheating or not.

Likewise, the lock from the cylinder wreckage may happen when the cylinder is completely on the verge of death.


Changing the cylinder or repairing it is the recommended solution for such problems. Nevertheless, the cylinder has spring-loaded pins in the area of the ignition lock.

Before going for a cylinder repair or change, it is ideal to check if that can be aligned manually. In various cases, the alignment of the pins has solved the problem for the owners of Jeep cars.

4. Jeep Car Key is Bent

Frequent usage of the car key may lead to the bending of the material. However, this case is not that high. It mostly happens when the key is a replica after the original car key is lost. Using a poorly made replica key may also hamper the ignition system of the car.


So, ordering a new key from the authorized dealership near your house is important. In severe cases going for a replica from a well-known store may do the job, but it’s always recommended to use the original.

However, the first solution to this problem is using the jiggling technique where you jiggle the key with your right hand and simultaneously press down with your left index finger on the key cylinder.

Secondly, opening the ignition system manually to take the key out is the ideal choice. Going to a car repair shop is advised for such activities.

5. Debris on Jeep Car Key

A rusted car key or debris on the car key is very common. Also, the solution to it is similar. Debris on car keys can happen for various reasons; for example, maybe your keys fell off your hand and caught some dust. However, rusted keys happen for a long time.


Ordering a new pair of keys from the dealership can be a good option in the case of rusted keys. However, it is not the same for debris on Jeep Car Key. Besides, various types of liquids may help the car key to get free from the debris. A multi-purpose cleaning spray is the most recommended one to go for.

There are other choices, such as white vinegar, microfiber cloth, and disinfecting wipes. Using these materials will undoubtedly help you to get rid of debris from your car key.

Common Tips to Avoid Jeep Key Stuck in Ignition

Although a solution has been provided, it is important to double-check a few factors to perform these activities. These steps will help you to both prevent and find a solution regarding the Jeep key stuck in the ignition:

Lubricating the Key

Car key locks usually endure for several years or so. You should routinely clean and lubricate your lock to extend its longevity. Locks can be cleaned using compressed air, wet chemicals like WD-40, or both. Locks benefit greatly from dry lubes since they require less subsequent lubrication.

Checking on Voltage

Checking up on the battery of your car is very important. The entire ignition system relies on the battery of the car. It is important not only for the ignition system but the entire vehicle’s health. Having a low voltage may lead to ignition locks very frequently and also damage the car severely as time passes by.

Ensuring Shifter Transmission

Make sure your vehicle is in a “P” transmission. Even if the car is in the park, gradually turn the key while pulling the shifter up higher toward the parking position. There’s no reason to be tough on anything.

Getting the car key locked in this way repetitively may lead to serious vehicle issues which will need severe help from the mechanics in the future.

Broken Key Stuck-in Ignition

This is the last thing you would want to see when it comes to a key stuck-in ignition problem. Is this the end? The answer is no! There is a solution to this problem too. Let’s find out: 

  • Opening the hole of the key is the recommended way to go when the broken key of your Jeep is stuck in the ignition. Opening the keyhole can be done with needle nose pliers.

It is easy to grab the key out with the thinnest pliers. And in fact, it is quite easy. You should keep a box of tools in your car always for such problems.

  • Using a Metal wire to remove the broken car key stuck in the ignition is also a recommended way. If you don’t have the recommended pliers, going for a metal wire may do. The success rate is slightly lower when it comes to this, however, it is completely safe and recommended.


Jeep key stuck in the ignition, what to do? Undoubtedly, it is also a threat to the car’s overall health and lasting longevity. Maintenance of a vehicle’s health is important no matter how small the problem is. Understanding the reasons behind the problem is critically important for prevention.

Nevertheless, if the key is already stuck following our recommended solutions will help you to safely pull out the key from your Jeep. Overall, spending 15 minutes of your time on your Jeep’s health every week will boost its durability.

Good Luck and Drive Safe!

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