Jeep 4.0  Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost

Jeep 4.0  Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost

The name behind the serpentine belt has a meaning. Typically, they snake in and out of some pulleys aligned into series and peripherals. Besides, the path of the belt is so unique. As this is important as other parts of your vehicle, you must keep an eye on and replace it when found issues.

But what will be the Jeep 4.0 Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost if you want to replace it? Well, the whole cost is divided into two subjects. The first one is the purchase of a Serpentine belt, and the second one is the labor cost. So the total cost of the replacement ranges between $85-$95 without any taxes.

This article will brief the overall vital details and information about the serpentine belt replacement. Read the article till the end for clearing your confusion and get to know its replacement cost and DIY.

Why Should You Replace Jeep 4.0 Serpentine Belt

Sometimes vehicles are involved in accidents that cause severe damage to parts. For this reason, some parts need to be repaired and sometimes need to be replaced for smooth driving.

Like other parts, the serpentine belt also should be replaced to keep driving smoothly on the road. Typically, you need to replace the serpentine belt after a certain period. Most importantly, this part can cause vital issues if you don’t replace it from time to time.

The serpentine belt is connected to an engine that transfers power. This rubber belt mainly provides energy to alternators, AC, water pumps, etc. Thus, if the belt gets damaged or worn out, the power transportation procedure will get hampered, which is why the belt should be replaced immediately.

As a result of this situation, multiple vital components of the vehicle may start malfunctioning as well. Which ultimately results in overheating of the car engine, frequent drainage of the battery, and failure of the A/C system. Thus, you must ensure the excellent condition of the serpentine belt and that is why you should replace the 4.0 serpentine belt.

Check the serpentine belt and search for any damage. Then, try to repair it. If the damage gets too severe to repair, replace it with a new one.

Signs of a Bad Serpentine Belt

A serpentine belt is designed for long-lasting usage. But the climate condition will damage the belt and cause bad symptoms. Mainly, heat and friction wear the belt down. Here are some of the alarming signs that indicate it’s time to replace it.

  1. Signs of wear: Bad serpentine belt causes wearing. If you notice signs like cracking and fraying, be sure that your Jeep’s belt isn’t in good condition.
  2. Loss of performance: Damaged serpentine belt disturbs the performance of your jeep. This can happen in many ways. The most common ones are:
  • The battery drains suddenly, and the Jeep engine stops
  • Failure of power steering. Also, it causes rough shifting and troubles in the transmission
  • The engine stalls and you need to try multiple times to start the engine

3. Chirping Sound: This sound indicates the slipping belt. Mild or extensive chirping sounds can be heard from time to time. And when it does, that means your serpentine belt has gone bad.

When Do You Need To Replace The Jeep 4.0  Serpentine Belt?

The Jeep 4.0 belt is usually made of rubber. As a result, it will crack and tear down over a particular time. That’s why you need to replace it before it cracks or tears down.

However, failure of the belt and improper tension will give some signs. So you can identify when the belt will tear and need to be replaced by following some signs. These signs include.

  • The failure of the air conditioning system
  • If the power system fails, be sure that you need to replace the belt
  • When some parts of your jeep break down, which can be dangerous on crowded roads
  • Strange sounds coming from the engine. And this sound might indicate the stretching of the belt. Sometimes, it may be damaged
  • The battery isn’t charging correctly
  • Overheating occurs on the Jeep
  • Check the belt from time to time. If you see some tear and wear, you can set your mind to change it.

How To Replace The Jeep 4.0  Serpentine Belt?

The replacement of a new serpentine belt is so simple. Visit a mechanic to replace the belt. Also, you can replace the belt on your own. Here is the procedure that will help you,

Step 1: Determine the placement of the belt

First, you have to take snapshots of every angle. On the other hand, you can sketch the way through the engine. These will help to preserve the position of the belt. Obtain the driver’s manual or the under-the-hood placard to find a sketch of the routing if the belt is already out of place.

Step 2: Loosening the belt

The first step is to remove the belt to replace it with a new one. But, it’s better to take out the tensioner before the removal of this belt. The tensioner keeps the belt taut while driving.

In a taut situation, it’s not easy to remove any belt. Hence, the tension should be released. There are two ways that you can release the tension. The first one is to insert a break bar. You can insert a 0.5″ breaker bar into a 0.5″ square cast into the tensioner arm.

The other one is to use a socket on the pulley. Use a ratchet into the bolt to release the tensioner. Then unroot the belt. Make sure that the process doesn’t damage the pulley network and peripherals.

Step 3: Damage check

After you remove the belt, immediately check for any signs of damage. Most of the time, the belt wears out over time, but sometimes the misalignment can cause wear on the belt.

At this point, the main issue comes, if the belt wears down for misalignment, the problem will remain after you replace it with a new one. Disintegration along the edges and separated ribs are the two signs of misalignment.

To overcome this problem, remove all dirt and dust from the pulleys and use a straightedge that will make sure that these pulleys are aligned correctly. In addition, spin the tensioner pulleys and idler pulleys. Then listen very carefully to whether they make any noise or not.

Moreover, If they make any noise and show excessive movement on the pulleys, you must have to replace the belt.

Step 4: New belt installation

This is the final step in the replacement procedure and is so simple to be done with easy tasks. You need to thread it into position, crank the tensioner, and the final task is slipping the belt over the pulleys.

Finally, once you install the belt, the spring will retain pressure on the belt. However, immediately check the belt that is centered in each pulley very carefully.

Additionally, you can start your engine for a few seconds to determine the excellent installation of the new belt. Moreover, serpentine belt replacement is one of the most important parts of auto maintenance.

What Is The Jeep 4.0  Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost?

The serpentine belt of the Jeep is an inexpensive part compared to other parts of the jeep. Even if you install a serpentine belt that is already damaged, don’t worry about it. You can easily buy a new one immediately.

However, the total price depends on the belt as well as the mechanic’s quality. If you visit a mechanic to replace the belt, it will cost you around $75-$120.  A professional mechanic’s charge ranges between $3-$40. And the remaining charge is for the purchase of the belt.

Besides, you can save some money by replacing it on your own. As a result, you can save the extra labor charge and can buy another one with this money.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answer several common questions people ask about Jeep 4.0  Serpentine Belt Replacement.

What does a worn serpentine belt sound like?

There are two types of noise that a worn serpentine belt makes. These are squeals and chirps. Whenever you hear this sound, you need to check the belt and take proper steps.

It mostly means there’s something wrong going on with your serpentine belt and the solution to this is a belt replacement.

How many years does a serpentine belt last?

The rubber-made serpentine belt is a long-lasting part of vehicles. On average, they last for at least four years and a maximum of 6 years.

Can anyone drive a car without a serpentine belt?

No, no one can drive. If your serpentine belt breaks in midway, you have to be stuck there until someone comes to help you.


The replacement cost of the serpentine or driven belt is cheaper compared to any other parts of the jeep. Mainly the cost depends on the types of serpentine belt that you want to place. You may need to spend on average $75 to $200 for buying a new serpentine belt. If your jeep is used for heavy-duty then the material will be pricier.

We can say that the Jeep 4.0 serpentine belt replacement cost depends on you. If you replace it yourself, you can save up to $40 on mechanics. Yet, as this belt is a vital part of a vehicle, doing it on your own is quite risky if you are not experienced enough.

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