How to Turn off MyKey Ford Without Admin Key

How to Turn off MyKey Ford Without Admin Key: Step-by-Step Guide

It goes without saying that an admin key is required to completely reset the MyKey preferences. Yet, it is extremely common for users to enable MyKey without having access to the Admin key that would allow disabling the feature.

However, you are mistaken if you believe there is no other option. Yes, you heard that right. You can turn the MyKey Ford off without the admin key. We brought you two possible ways to do that.

So if you want to know how to turn off MyKey without admin key, this article is for you.

What Does MyKey Ford Do?

The purpose of the Ford MyKey system is to give you the ability to configure your Ford vehicle with restricted driving mode settings. It can put you in driving circumstances that are more responsible and safe.

In addition, you can restrict your Ford car’s maximum speed and volume, mandate the use of safety belts and set the maximum volume level. If your adolescent driver uses a MyKey that has been configured, other drivers will not be able to deactivate or alter these settings.

This will ensure that your young driver drives the vehicle properly. MyKey can assist businesses in ensuring that their fleet drivers are responsibly operating their vehicles. It also helps teen drivers to drive safely.

What if your teen is an adult now who wants to disable the feature to get back to normal driving options without the admin key? We will find the answer.

Steps to Turn off MyKey Ford Without Admin Key

We have outlined two possible solutions for you to try turning off the MyKey feature in Ford without the admin key. Let us go step by step to understand how

Step 1 : Install the FordSys App and the OBD Scanner

Put the key fob in the ignition of the vehicle first, and then go to the next step. In addition, you’ll need the FordSys app, either the free version or the paid pro version, to start the car. Do not forget to connect the Modified HH OBD2 Advanced Scantool to your car’s OBD2 port and your Bluetooth phone.

The “Ford admin key” refers to a specialized tool or access code used in Ford vehicles for administrative purposes, typically granted to authorized personnel or technicians. This key allows privileged access to the vehicle’s systems for maintenance, troubleshooting, and configuration.

In recent discussions on automotive security, there have been concerns about potential vulnerabilities associated with the “Ford admin key,” as it could potentially be misused or exploited by unauthorized individuals. For example, if the “Ford admin key” were to fall into the wrong hands, it could be used to input the word “Jeep” as a command or password, gaining unauthorized access to a Ford vehicle’s systems and compromising its security. Automakers and security experts are continuously working to ensure that such access codes and tools are properly safeguarded to prevent any misuse or unauthorized access to vehicles’ critical systems.

Anyway, you’ll utilize this program to remove that content. Linking it to your OBT obd2 is the next work. Then, once you’ve successfully paired your gadget, it’ll turn green and show a menu of different options. Read “PCM” (power control module) from the menu.

Step 2: Engage In PCM

After you choose the PCM from the menu in the app, select the KOER from the next menu, which means Ford Key On Engine OFF DTCs. It’ll start your vehicle. With the key turned on. So you can observe the engine running, the meter increasing, and the click lights flashing. It means it’ll act like it’s in the remote start mode.

Now you can take the key away from the car, and you even don’t need the app for further proceedings.

Step 3: Key On Your Vehicle

After that, you will find a “No key was detected” message prompts in the dash since the key is taken off. Now click “okay” when finished. Now try to power your car off. When you do that, you should now see the “restart now all” or “key is needed” messages prompted.

Since you haven’t opened the doors, you’ll just have to put the key on to access the settings.

Step 4: Turn off MyKey

When you key on the vehicle, you should be able to access the settings where you will find the MyKey option. Then you can see all the menus of MyKey. Select Clear MyKeys from the menu and keep your finger on the ok button on the steering wheel for ten seconds. It will clear all the MyKey configurations previously set up.

You’ve accessed MyKey as an administrator. Now your MyKey has access with not only one admin key but two. In other words, your key that didn’t function as an admin key so far is free to access the MyKey menu.

Thus, after hooking up, your vehicle is no longer restricted. This program makes it so that you may listen to any radio station without needing to read the BCM, connect to a computer, or do anything else out of the ordinary.

Alternative Way

You also have the option of using FORScan to clear MyKey, but this method does not require any programming on your part. It is possible to accomplish this task in FORScan for any device. The following is the precise order of events:

Step 1: Start the Vehicle

In order to connect to the vehicle using FORScan, you will need to start the vehicle first.

Step 2 : PCM Test

Following that, you will need to begin the PCM KOER test, which is the engine running on demand for the purpose of the self-test.

Step 3: Take Some Time

Now, give it some more time and remain, patient, till the evaluation is finished.

Step 4: Remove the Key Fob/Transponder

After that, if your vehicle has a keyless entry system, you will need to remove the key fob from the vehicle. In the case of a conventional blade key, you will need to obstruct the transponder by covering the keyfob in aluminum foil.

Step 6: Turning the Ignition Off

Put a halt to the engine by turning the ignition off.

Step 5: Turn off MyKey

N turn the ignition on again but don’t start the engine. Go to the MyKey menu in your vehicle’s instrument cluster and select the Clear MyKeys option to delete all of your saved MyKey configurations. That’s it.


MyKey can now be disabled without the need for an administrator key in a couple of ways. We recognize that trying something new can induce apprehension, but please know that you can put your faith in us.

In most cases, you can save a lot of money by fixing things yourself rather than taking them to a repair shop. A typical service center will charge you between $350 and $400 to replace a lost administrative key. And for a brand-new administrative key, the cost would be a hefty $500!

Since now you know how to turn off MyKey without admin key, you can put in the time and effort at home to accomplish the job without spending a dime. Nonetheless, if you’re feeling down, it’s always worth a shot to go to the repair shop.

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