How to Turn Off Cigarette Lighter In F150

How to Turn Off Cigarette Lighter In F150? A Complete Guide

If you find your car’s cigarette lighter in a hot state or turned on at all times, you should be cautious. Your F150 likely has a faulty power outlet or issues within the circuit. Nonetheless, this is fixable, and you can do it yourself!

So how to turn off cigarette lighter in F150? The easiest approach is to change the wiring at the back of the power socket. Moreover, you need to install a new 25A relay and add a heavy wire from it to the socket. Lastly, you need to connect one of the coils to the ground.

However, it is easier said than done. The faulty cigarette lighter socket can drain your car’s battery even when you turn off the ignition. Thus, if you want to learn the correct method to do it properly, read the article below!

Why Is My Cigarette Lighter In F150 Always On?

It is not that the power sockets in your Ford F150 will immediately cool down when you turn your engine off. In general, it can take from 20 to 75 minutes for all the power sockets to stop receiving electricity. However, if you’re car’s cigarette lighter is always on, there’s been an issue with its relay switch.

Due to the issues with the wiring, the power outlets often get permanently connected to the battery of the car. This can be damaging and will drain your car’s battery when you leave it behind.

How to Turn Off Cigarette Lighter in F150? Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s get back to our main topic – how you can turn off a cigarette lighter in F150. It’s quite easy once you get the gist of it.

Nevertheless, it might look intimidating for some, and thus we will go with the classic step-by-step method that makes everything easier.

Step 1: Take off the center console

The first thing you need to be doing is take off the center console of your F150. Where is the center console? It’s basically the compartment where your cigarette lighter is located. Yes, you need to take off the whole thing to do that.

Nevertheless, it’s quite easy as it only requires you to unplug some screws, and the whole thing comes off easily.

Step 2: Detach the center pin

Now that you have taken out the center console, everything should be visible from here, even the cigarette socket. Luckily, you don’t need to bother about the other things in the center console and only need to work with the cigarette socket.

Simply use a socket removal tool that comes with the kit to take off the cigarette lighter from the outside. You will come across wires that are connected from behind. As you can see what’s behind, simply detach the thick 12V wire that attaches to the “cigarette” socket’s center pin.

Step 3: Connection

Here you will need a 25A relay to proceed with the connection in the cigarette socket. Remember the wire that you have just taken out? Install it with the 25A relay. On the other hand, there will also be a wire that comes with the relay; you have to attach it to the center pin.

Simply put, the wire that was in the center pin first goes into the 25A relay, and a new wire from the relay is attached to the center pin. Overall, the socket, your 12V source, and the relay are now connected in series.

Step 4: Ground wire

It’s important that you provide a second route for the electrical circuit to enter the earth. So that, in the event of a short circuit, anyone working with electricity nearby isn’t put at risk. Thus, comes installing the ground wire with your 25A relay.

You will need to connect any local ground to one of the relay’s two coil connections for grounding. Here, the metal dash structure may be one of the ways to go. There are multiple grounding locations, but the metal dash structure is certainly a good choice.

Step 5: Connecting it to the power source

Lastly, the connection to a power source comes in. As you have grounded one coil, the other one is left to be connected to the power source. Well, you can connect it with any power source as long as it’s 12V and uses a switch mechanism.

Step 6: Getting everything back in place

There you go; now you have the safest cigarette lighter in F150. Now all you have to do is reinstall everything back in place. Starting from the cigarette lighter socket to the center console. Once you have screwed back the bolts, you should have a well-working lighter.


It is not usual to face issues with your car’s cigarette lighter; thus, it’s okay to have as many queries. In this section, we’ll look into some of the most frequent questions people have when fixing it.

Will the cigarette lighter socket drain the battery when not in use?

In short, yes. These power sockets may keep on conducting electricity from the battery even when the ignition is off. Thus, it heats up.

Do cigarette lighter outlets stay on all the time?

It can vary based on the model of your car. But in general, for Ford F150, the cigarette lighter socket is connected to the battery as well. Thus any malfunction can cause it to keep on.

Where is the fuse box for the circuit of the power outlets?

For Ford F150, you should be able to find it by the door side of the driver’s seat. It is usually below the steering wheels and has a cover placed over it.


And with that, now you know how to turn off cigarette lighter in F150. To summarize, you need to replace the wiring and attach a greater 25A relay. And also connect it to the ground for neutrality.

We understand this can be daunting, but hopefully, with our guidelines, you will be able to fix it just as well. So with that being said, fix it before it damages your battery. And drive responsively on the road!

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