How To Remove Ford Tailgate With A Backup Camera

How To Remove Ford Tailgate With A Backup Camera

People remove the tailgate of their Ford to improve the fuel economy and mostly to accommodate campers or spreaders on the bed of Ford. Nowadays, most of Ford’s Ford’s tailgate is equipped with a backup camera for removing blind spots and maneuvering with confidence.

But, how to remove the Ford tailgate with a backup camera? Removing the tailgate is quite easy, but complexity occurs when the tailgate is equipped with a backup camera. So to remove a tailgate with a back up camera in Ford, you need to disconnect the backup camera first.

In this article, we will discuss a step-by-step guide on how to remove Ford tailgate with a backup camera. You will also come to know about many other aspects of this subject. So, if you are fascinated to know more, please go through the article.

How To Remove A Ford Tailgate With A Backup Camera

Removing the Ford tailgate with a backup camera can be divided into two parts. The first one is disconnecting electronics for backup cameras and remote keyless entry. Another one is detaching the tailgate from the Ford.

1. Disconnecting Electronics Of Backup Camera and Remote Keyless Entry

Here’s what you need to do in the first stage:

●       You will find camera connections under the truck and beside the spare tire on the driver’s driver’s side.

●       You can part the backup camera connection just by moving it inward a little bit. But to take it apart, you have to press the button located on the connector. This type of connector requires to be will be unclipped differently than beforethe earlier ones.

●       Open the tailgate.

●       To disconnect remote keyless entries, you have to disconnect those by pushing inward on the locking tab. The locking tab is on the other side of the connector.

●       Look for the chassis plug and bracket. Normally, you can find them in the glove box. Also, you can check the rear floor’s floor’s storage bin and under the back seat. Once you find them, you have to connect them respectively, then connect the tailgate plug.

●       There is a high chance of getting corroded or damaged by those connections. To avoid this, tape the tailgate bracket and harness in the forward-facing part against the tailgate.

  2. Removing The Tailgate From The Ford

Now comes the second stage. Check out what you need to do here.

●       As you open the tailgate, ensure support underneath the tailgate.

●       Next, you have to unhook the cables on both sides of the tailgate. Just release the locks from the pivots on either side.

●       Take the tailgate up and hold it at a 45° angle.

●       The Hangar bracket is the last thing that you have to disconnect the tailgate from. Lift the tailgate’s tailgate’s right side 80° higher than the left side to disconnect the hanger bracket of the right side.

●       If you slide the tailgate to the right now, the left hanger bracket will also be disconnected.

●        Remove the tailgate carefully.

3. Removing The Backup Camera From Ford Tailgate

Finally, it’s time to remove the backup camera if it comes with your Ford Tailgate. The backup camera can be located in multiple places on the tailgate. Removing methods of backup cameras differ according to their locations, such as the camera being integrated into

a.     The tailgate handle or,

b.                 The Ford emblem.

Let’s see what needs to be done for both of these locations.:

Integrated into the tailgate handle

If the backup camera is integrated into the tailgate handle, here are the steps you need to follow.

●        Remove the tailgate cover bolts and then the cover,

●        Now and then remove the two 11 mm handle retaining nuts to remove the handle assembly.

●            Next, pull the half harness retainer of the tailgate’s tailgate’s mid-bottom from the hole. This will dislocate the secondary harness wiring.


●        LastlyNow, pry the push nuts off from two camera retaining studs.

●       Finally,  Then remove the camera from the handle assembly.

Integrated into the Ford emblem

If the backup camera is located in the truck emblem, the following steps will help you remove the camera from the tailgate.

●        Slice a screwdriver blade between the camera’s camera’s lower housing and the ford emblem.

●            Gently pull the emblem to separate it from the housing.


●        Remove two bolts to separate the camera’s camera’s lower bracket from the tailgate.

●             Next, press the connector latch on the harness connector and pull it from the camera.


●        Remove the harness retailer from the hole.

●        Then remove take the harness off from the pickup box and tailgate.

●            Later, remove 3 three screws for separating the camera assembly from its lower housing.


●       Lastly, push a large snap retainer on the camera bracket gently with a screwdriver. The camera will be parted from its camera bracket.

Relocating The Backup Camera After Removing The Tailgate

Generally, tailgates are removed from the Ford’s Ford’s bed to accommodate the spreader. So even if you remove the tailgate, you must getBut most of the backup camera s are installed back in the tailgates of your Ford truck.. But a backup cameraIt’s because the back camera is essential to boost ensure confidence and for ensuring safety while reversing the Fordvehicle.

Then theThe most obvious solution for that would be is to relocate tyour he backup camera to other places on your Fordord. Here is the typical installation process of a backup camera without a tailgate:

1.    Locate The Centre Of Your Ford

 The Centre of the Ford is the best location for relocating the back camera. This will give you a wider viewing angle. Also, the height of the backup camera plays an important role.

Around 48 inches in height for a Ford will give you a comfortable level of visibility of areas behind your vehicles. Generally, the center height has to be measured by locating where the backup camera was on the tailgate before removal.

2.    Surface Cleaning And Attaching The Camera

A Clean surface is needed to keep the camera fixed on the surface where it is going to be installed and mounted. You can also use adhesive strips to determine the ideal placement and for holdingto hold it in place until the camera is secured with screws.

For screws, you need to drill a 9/16 inch hole on the surface of your Ford. Then attach and secure the backup camera in its place with the screws.

3.    Wiring And Attaching The Camera

After sticking the backup camera on its surface, you need to work with the connections of the backup camera. You can drill the surface of your Ford to run the wiring through the interior for connecting with the power source.

Mainly, beside the spare tire, you will find the connector where the camera was connected previously.


In this section, we will try to answer a few mostly asked questions regarding the removal of the Ford tailgate with a backup camera.

How to remove the electrical release ford tailgate with a backup camera?

The removal process is almost the same as a manual release for tailgate removal. But, you have to open the tailgate before you unhook the wires.

In the glovebox, you will find some dummy plugs that you need to place over the connectors when it is off.

Can a Ford Tailgate With A Backup Camera Be Easily Stolen?

Unfortunately, yes. Handle lock is never enough soles as it can be defeated with a simple screwdriver.

To solve this problem, you can buy a master lock for your backup camera-equipped tailgate.


If you are here from the start, I hope you are not confused anymore about how to remove the Ford tailgate with a backup camera. After disconnecting the cameraelectronics of the camera, you can proceed to remove the tailgate.

After that, detaching the backup camera from the tailgate is also essential. Because, you can relocate the same camera somewhere in a place other than the tailgate on your Ford. Ford, after removing the tailgate. By this, the purpose of removing the tailgate will be achieved, ; also, you don’t don’t have to compromise the backup camera facility.ies for that.

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