How to Fix Tear in a Jeep Soft Top

How to Fix Tear in a Jeep Soft Top – Know Three Simple Way

Owners of convertible jeeps with soft tops understand the suffering when It tears or is torn off. They will ultimately need to replace it, wasting $1,000. Here is a more effective way to repair the soft top and reduce the cost from $1000 to $50.

How to fix a tear in a Jeep soft top? Fixing soft top tears is not a big deal. Here we have shared three simple DIY ways, a non-sewing option, a sewing option, and a patching repair option. Depending on the damage condition, they are all easily applicable.

You only need to gather the appropriate tools; the rest can be completed in an hour, as we previously stated. So read on to learn about the tools and apply DIY.

How to Fix a Tear in a Jeep Soft Top?

You have a variety of options when it comes to repairing a tear. Some are technically a little challenging, while others are much simpler. Here, we’ll demonstrate three quick fixes for the soft top tear on the Jeep.

  1. Non-Sewing Repair Option
  2. Sewing Repair Option
  3. Patching Repair Option

Method 1: Non-Sewing Repair Option

Instead of sewing, we’ll use tenacious tape to hold the tear and adhesive to the leash or attach them in this technique. So these are the primary elements of this method.

Other than this, you should manage some isopropyl alcohol or if you don’t manage it, you can also use white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Now apply the method following the steps.

Step 1: Clean the area

In the initial stage, you have to clean the area where the soft top tore down. You can use the mentioned isopropyl alcohol, white vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide.

What will they do? They mainly clean the dust, oil, and other substances so that your adhesive can work perfectly. If the soft top seems wet, let it dry first.

Step 2: Cut the unnecessary edges

If your soft top is made from hard clothes, there might be some yarn edges. You need to cut them off by using a scissor. You can also burn them out using a lighter, but in that case, you have to be very careful.

Step 3: Apply the tape or patch

Now it’s time to use the tenacious tape. If the tenacious tape does not properly stand on your jeep soft top, you can use flex patched. This one is stronger than the tenacious tape.

Well, now use the tape or patches and cover the torn or ripped area. Make sure it covers all the torn or ripped areas, and it has to be extended one inch beyond the ripped area.

Additionally, make sure that there are no plaits or bubbles under the tape when it has properly adhered. Otherwise, it could easily detach or fail to hold the torn piece firmly.

Step 4:  Apply the adhesive

You’ve already applied the tape, correct? If so, use Aquaseal FD Repair Adhesive and apply it to the soft top’s other side. This means that if you taped the Jeep soft top’s exterior, you should use aquaseal on the interior. Since Aquaseal is a liquid, you must paint it over and around the torn area.

Step 5: Let it dry

After giving it a minute or two to dry, reapply a piece of tenacious tape over the area where the aquaseal was applied. Again make sure there is no bubble, dust, or yarn stuck under the tape.

Once the tape has been applied correctly, allow it to dry for 24 hours. Once it has dried, you can paint the tape the same shade as your soft top.

Method 2: Sewing Repair Option

The options for sewing and non-sewing repairs are nearly identical. The majority of the sewing part’s procedure is known if you read the non-sewing section. Everything will be required in this non-sewing repair method, but there are two additional items required.

One is a needle and the other is a yarn.

Step 1: Clean the torn area

With isopropyl alcohol or white vinegar, first, clean the ripped area. Because any remaining dust or oil will prevent the tape and adhesive from working. Before beginning the main work, there is one more thing you must do: cut the yarn’s edge if there is one.

Step 2: Repairing the ripped area with sewing

Now take a 1-inch or 1.5-inch size needle and use a nylon yarn to sew the area. Make sure you do it by hand. It would be better if you could apply a cross-stitch sewing design.

However, if it seems a little hard, you can apply the normal sewing pattern. Whatever you do, make sure you give proper knots after the process.

Step 3: Apply the tenacious tape

The tenacious tape or flex patch should now be applied to the torn area after being cut to fit. Make sure it extends at least an inch past all the excess and torn areas. Otherwise, it might be taken out or become loose.

Step 4: Apply adhesive

Now you need to apply the Aquaseal adhesive. Though in this case, putting adhesive is optional, if you want to stay on the safe side, it’s important. So apply adhesive on the other side of the soft top. Let it dry for a minute, then cover it up with tenacious tape just like before.

There is no chance that the damaged area will tear again because it is supported more strongly this time with sewing, tape, and adhesive.

Method 3: Patching Repair Option

Pathing is the easiest way to fix the jeep’s soft top tear. Here you will need a piece of canvas to attach the tear or hole. Don’t forget to manage the basic stuff like adhesive, isopropyl alcohol for cleaning, scissors, etc.

Step 1: Cleaning and cutting edge

As you have seen in the previous methods, first clean the torn area with isopropyl alcohol and then trim the yarn edge.

Step 2: Put a patch on the torn area

Now, cut a canvas so that it covers the entire torn area and extends at least an inch beyond the torn area. To ensure that the canvas will stitch perfectly, use a strong adhesive. Apply it to the torn area right away, and leave it there for an hour to dry.

Now do the same thing to the opposite side of the soft top. If adding external pressure is necessary to attach the patch properly, do so.

Although this method is simpler, it’s not as effective as other methods. Only do this if you’re in a rush or don’t have the necessary items close at hand.


Here are a few additional questions regarding fixing tears in a Jeep soft top. Hope this will give you more insights.

Which technique is most effective for repairing a 10-inch tear?

Well, a ten-inch tear means it’s quite a big issue. You have to apply such a method while being able to hold the soft top firmly. For that, the method would be the sewing repair option. The reason is that sewing will hold the two torn parts perfectly.

You will be able to use your soft top for a few days more with this. But there is still some risk involved if you choose a patch or other non-sewing repair method.

How much does repairing and replacing a Jeep soft top cost?

The soft top fabric and installation fee determines the price. It would cost between $100 and $200 for a minor repair. But the price may go up to $500 for major repairs. Minor problems, however, can often be fixed for less than $50 at home.

For replacement, prices start at $700 and go up to $2000.

What can I do to resolve the soft top’s minor burning issues?

If the burning spots are too small, the pathing repair option should be chosen. As you can see, this is the simplest method for applying.

Nevertheless, if the burned areas are somewhat larger, you should choose the non-sewing repair option. Non-sewing will be able to hold a larger portion fairly easily whereas pathing cannot.

Final Words

We believe now you know how to fix tear in a jeep soft top following a few simple and effective steps.

The soft top of jeeps frequently suffers from rips, tears, and holes. If you know how to fix this, you won’t have to waste extra money on this. Furthermore, these DIY processes are absurdly simple.

There are only three simple processes that have been discussed. According to your Jeep soft top condition, you can use any of them to fix that. Don’t need to call a professional unless it seems impossible to you.

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