How To Change Headlight Bulb Jeep Compass

How To Change Headlight Bulb Jeep Compass Easily

Changing the headlight bulb is mandatory to ensure safety and be safe from a traffic ticket. In modern vehicles, you can change the bulb only, and there is no need to change the assembly until there is a problem. The process of changing bulbs is easy and cost-effective.

But how to change headlight bulb Jeep Compass? Changing the headlight bulb in Jeep Compass involves a few dedicated steps. First, remove the air filter and unscrew three bolts and replace it with a new one. To complete this changing process, you will need a screwdriver, know the types of bulbs your Jeep Compass is using, and know the DIY procedures.

So, if you want to change the headlight bulb of the Jeep Compass yourself, you landed in the right place we will explain how to change a headlight bulb and how you can do it.

Signs the Jeep Compass Headlight Bulb Needs To Be Changed

To ensure safe driving, you need to know when the headlight bulb needs to be changed. The Headlights are the primary light source, allowing you to see the road and vehicles coming toward you. Here are some signs of changing headlights.

Keep a close eye on dying lights and change them before you fall in danger.

Dim headlights

Headlights have a lifespan, and getting dimmer means they are about to burn out. They are working now but for an uncertain period. Usually, older headlights show these signs before stopping work altogether. A corroded ground wire is another reason for dimmed headlights.

Blinking headlight

Using headlights for a long time is the main reason for blinking or flickering. This is a confirmed sign that your headlight will die quickly. The electrical connection is another reason for blinking, but it won’t burn out.

Circuit fails

A severe electric issue is forecasted if your headlight bulb is irreversibly dying from fire. In this case, the bulb is not the underlying issue. Check the connection of the headlight assembly.

Cloudy headlights

Nature’s salt, dirt, or UV rays make the headlights blurry or yellow. This is a common problem. You can clean it with the designated solution, which is easy to fix. Consult an expert and replace it as soon as possible to ensure safety and increase your Jeep Compass’s eliteness.

Dead headlights

You don’t have the choice or time to think about replacing or not replacing in case of dead lights. Change both of the lights together. If one light dies, a sign that another one will die soon.

How to Change The Headlight Bulb In The Jeep Compass?

Jeep Compasses have two types of bulbs; low beam bulbs and high-beam bulbs.

Changing Low-Beam Bulb.

  • Step 1- Park the Jeep and turn off the engine. Wait until the engine becomes cool.
  • Step 2- Open the hood and remove the air filter to access the headlight bulbs.
  • Step 3- Unscrew the three bolts using a screwdriver. Keep those bolts carefully and remove the air filter.
  • Step 4- Remove the dust cover.
  • Step 5- Turn the bulb counterclockwise to remove it, and carefully pull out the two clips attached to the plug.
  • Step 6- Install the new bulb and if it does not light up, turn the plug 180 degrees before inserting it again. Take the bulb, insert it and lock it turning clockwise.t
  • Step 7- Finally, put the dust cover and air filter in the designated place. Lock the air filter with three screws using a screwdriver again.

Changing High-Beam Bulb

Now, to change the high beam bulb, the access process is the same as the low beam bulbs. This time, work more carefully because two clips hold the light on the plug.

Not to disturb the electrical pathway, disconnect the power plug for safety.

  • The indicator bulb is left now, and it is present on both sides of the headlight main panel. Turn ¼ counterclockwise to get them out.

Do not touch the transparent part of the bulb with a bear hand; this will cause quick burnout of the bulb. It’s better to use clean your hand with alcohol pads for extra safety.

How Do Jeep Compass Headlight Bulbs Work?

Headlights are protected in housing that lights up the road so you can see the road and pedestrians can see your vehicle. An electrical system works as a power supplier for headlights. Many types of headlight bulbs are available in the market with different mechanisms to illuminate the road.

  • Sealed beam
  • halogen
  • HID or LED has a popularity

The light housing is crucial in illuminating road lights, and headlights rely solely on it. So the light casing is essential for the headlight bulb functioning.

Casing allows the most advantageous light pattern to emit onto the road.

Why Should You Change The Headlight Bulb Of The Jeep Compass?

Jeep compass headlights change a quick fix, and changing it will give you peace of mind. Here is some important reason to change it.

To ensure safety

No one should take a chance when it comes to safety. Your Jeep light may go out suddenly, leaving you in danger. Hence, it is wise to spend on replacing headlights instead of facing an unwanted situation.

To Avoid Unexpected Darkness

The most important reason to replace your headlight bulb is to avoid sudden darkness. If you are traveling with one headlight bulb, chances are high that another one will go out at any time. Experts advise changing both bulbs together to avoid a sudden accident.

To Have a balanced view

Traveling with one light reduced the visibility to 50 percent. At night, a single headlight is not enough to see vehicles or other objects. The modern vehicle has another pair of lights, but that is not enough due to low power. So, to have a balanced view, changing your Jeep Compass headlight is a must.

To avoid a costly ticket

It is illegal to drive with a bad headlight. Traffic police will issue a file against you for breaking the rule. Change the headlight as soon as possible to avoid costly tickets.

What is the Replacement cost of changing the headlights bulb?

Jeep headlights can be damaged or can stop working over time. Replacing cost is not constant. It varies on the location and quality of light.

Depending on location, labor costs may range from $75 to $95. You will find Jeep Compass headlights between $127 to $170. So the total estimated cost is between $202 to $265.

How Can You Convert Your Jeep Compass Headlight Bulbs To LED?

Among the main advantages of LED headlights is that they provide 360-degree visibility without blind spots, and they can light up 200% more than Halogen bulbs.

Step 1: Find the headlight bulb type

There is two headlight bulb possible.

  1. Single beam bulbs: two separate bulbs for high and low beams with one filament
  2. Dual-beam bulbs: one bulb for high and low bulbs with two filaments

Step 2: Buy a LED conversion kit and locate the headlight bulb

Unbox the kit and handle it carefully, as this one is expensive. You should find an LED bulb, two ballast, and wiring in the box.

Turn off the Jeep and unplug the plastic wiring before locating your bulb.

Step 3: Remove the halogen bulb and install the LED bulb

Before removing, know your bulb type, and you may require to remove your metal chip first and twist it right to the left (anticlockwise), and pull out the bulb.

Install the LED light gently, and don’t touch it with a bare hand. Twist the bulb clockwise to secure its position.

Step 4: Connect and secure the ballast and check the cut-off

Connect the lead LED wiring, ensuring one end goes to the new bulb and another to the wiring harness. Adjust the position of the new light and secure the ballast using plastic zip ties or double-sided tape.

Now it’s time to test your LED headlights, which should be 200 % brighter.

See the image below to identify the difference.


Headlights are one of those essentials you don’t care about until it’s gone. There are times when headlight bulbs become damaged, corroded, or simply don’t work anymore. So moving with such a vehicle is illegal and will hinder seeing the road.

No one wants to ask themselves how to change headlight bulb Jeep Compass in the middle of the road. So, acquire the skill of changing the headlight bulb to avoid this situation. Experts suggest that this type of prowess always benefits you.

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