Flashing Brake Light On Jeep Wrangler

Flashing Brake Light On Jeep Wrangler Meaning: Reasons And Resolves

The brake light of the Jeep Wrangler helps to warn other drivers to understand when they are going to stop their vehicle. But sometimes, malfunctioning brake lights may confuse the following drivers and cause fatal accidents.

So, what is the flashing brake light on Jeep Wrangler meaning? This means the braking system of the vehicle is problematic. It indicates a low brake fluid level, a faulty sensor, and sometimes damaged brake pedals and brake lights.

In this article, we will enlighten you about the mechanism of the brake light and why it keeps illuminating. You will also learn about how to turn off the flashing light. So, keep reading!

Functioning Of Jeep Wrangler Brake Light

The brake light connects with wires which ultimately end at the brake switch. Likewise, the brake pedal also connects with the brake switch to fulfill the wiring system. When the pedal gets pressure, it presses down the switch, thus it turns off or turns on the brake light.

Accordingly, when you start the ignition, the light will turn on to indicate that your vehicle is starting well. The light will remain on for almost two seconds and then turn off. After that, the brake light will illuminate only when you press the brake handle.

Similarly, when you release the brake pedal, it will lose contact with the switch, and the circuit will become incomplete. As a result, the brake light will become turned off as soon as you release the pedals.

Flashing Brake Light On Jeep Wrangler Meaning

In the earlier section, we talked about the usual function of the brake warning light. But sometimes, the light keeps illuminating even though you didn’t press the brake pedals.

Besides, it also could happen that, when you start the engine, the light turns on and doesn’t go off after that. These circumstances are known as the flashing brake light condition.

Flashing brake lights may cause severe trouble while driving the jeep. Mainly, you are encountering this issue means there could be severe problems in the braking system. Here we will discuss several reasons behind these flashing light Problems:

1.  Low Brake Fluid Level

The prime reason for flashing brake lights is the low brake fluid level. Brake fluid transfers pressure from the brake pedal to the wheel to assist the braking process.

If the fluid quality deteriorates or goes down to an adequate level, it can’t provide the proper pressure. As a result, the brake light turns on.

But the brake fluid doesn’t evaporate. Therefore, if the level goes down, there might be any leakage in the braking system. Thus, the liquid is leaking out of the system.

2.  Pressure Difference

The braking system of your vehicle consists of two different circuits. There is also a switch for censoring the pressure difference between these two circuits. When the switch senses any pressure difference, it sends signals to turn the brake light on.

So, your vehicle’s brake light flashing means the pressure of two circuits fluctuates from each other.

3. Damaged Brake Switch

If somehow the brake switch gets damaged, it might be the culprit in turning the brake light on. Mainly, the brake switch senses the attachment of the brake pedals. Hence, if the brake switch doesn’t function properly, the brake light will keep flashing.

4.  Not Disengaging Of Brake

When you lower the brake pedal, the parking brake will disengage. As a result, the brake light will also turn off. But if due to any fault in the braking system, the brake doesn’t disengage, the light will keep illuminating.

5. Faulty Sensor

In your Jeep Wrangler, there is a level sensor for the brake fluid. Generally, you will find the level sensor with the light sensor or the fluid tank cover.

A faulty sensor will trigger the brake light, even when you don’t press down the brake pedals. And, after ignition, the light will not also turn off once it’s been turned on by the damaged sensor.

Other Issues Related To Flashing Brake Light On Jeep Wrangler

You already know when the brake system light keeps illuminating, there are multiple reasons for this. Thus, when you notice the flashing light, you will also see several other issues in your Jeep Wrangler. Those issues are

1. Burning Smell

Illuminating light may indicate the deterioration of the braking fluid quality. In this case, the boiling temperature of fluid goes down with time. Thus, overheating of those fluids may occur quite easily.

This hot fluid may overheat the engine and cause severe damage to your car. As a result, the performance coefficient of your vehicle will also go down.

2. Disbalance In the Car While Braking

You may also face a disbalance in your car when you press the brake pedal. Generally, the damaged caliper is responsible for this issue. Sometimes, the caliper of one particular side can be damaged.

And while pressing the brake pedal, the brake will work on one side. Also, cars will be pulled in the direction of the brake force.

3.  Spongy Brake Pedals

A spongy brake pedal refers to the condition when you will not feel any resistance while pressing it down. This mainly occurs due to the low pressure of the braking fluid.

Sometimes, the braking system can fill with air or lack the proper fluid. Then, it will not be able to provide enough pressure to ensure essential resistance in the pedals.

4.  Rattling noises

This problem is quite common when you face a flashing light. The brake pedal may wear out due to the enormous friction. Consequently, when you press the pedal, you will hear unusual and unpleasant rattling noises from worn-out pedals.

5.  Wobbling While Braking

The brake rotor functions to stop the spinning of wheels and to stop the vehicle. As a result, the rotor thickness reduces in some parts and becomes uneven. This uneven surface and thickness cause wobbling when you press the brake pedals.

How To Solve The Problem Of Flashing Brake Light On Jeep Wrangler?

Whenever you encounter a flashing brake light on Jeep Wrangler, there are always significant issues in your vehicle. If you let those issues linger, it will be responsible for the enormous damage to the car. Therefore, it’s always safe to resolve the problem with the brake light as soon as you identify it.

Here are a few methods for solving the flashing problem of the brake light:

  • Make sure there is adequate pressure in the braking system. Then, the flashing light will turn off.
  • Fill the empty brake fluid reservoir with the recommended fluid.
  • Ensure you are draining the old and discolored brake fluid before adding it.
  • You must have to pump the system to remove the extra air from the braking system. With pumping, the airspace will fulfill the braking system.
  • Detect the leakages on the braking system and fix those to avoid brake fluid leaks.
  • Fix the damaged or faulty proportioning valve.
  • Inspect the thickness of the brake pedal. If you find that the thickness went down below the range of 2-3 mm, it’s not acceptable. You must have to replace this one shortly.
  • Replace the speed sensor by pulling out all the connections. Thus, it won’t be able to trigger the light.
  • Before making any changes to the brake wiring system, you must have a clear idea about it. Looking through an original equipment manufacturer’s factory service manual will be better in this case.
  • If you can’t figure out the brake system, you better call for an automotive mechanic to solve the flashing light issue.


In this FAQ section, you will get the answer to several most-asked questions about the flashing brake light on Jeep Wrangler.

Is It Safe to Drive The Jeep Wrangler With Flashing Brake Light?

If you don’t notice any other troubles, that might be the sensor problem. You can keep driving the vehicle. But, if you start losing control, you need to stop the car as soon as possible.

Is Troubleshooting For Flashing Brake Light On Jeep Wranglers Costly?

The troubleshooting cost of a jeep wrangler is quite affordable. If there is an issue with the brake light sensor, it will cost around $100-$200 to repair. The mechanic also won’t cost much for troubleshooting. Also, you can troubleshoot the issue yourself.


When troubles occur in the brake system, the first and foremost sign it shows is the flashing of the brake light. That’s why it’s pretty usual that you will also face other braking system issues along with flashing problems. Also, flashing brake lights may misdirect the drivers behind your Jeep Wrangler.

In this article, we talked about the flashing brake light on Jeep Wrangler meaning. You should try to resolve the core causes behind this problem with your Jeep Wrangler. Otherwise, it will keep coming back frequently and repeatedly.

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